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Piggy Pudding

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All natural handmade soap from Tullis Farms made in small batches in northeast Georgia.

Piggy Pudding is the name of our Old Fashioned Lard Soap. This is the soap our grandmothers made while standing over an open a fire. There is nothing in this soap except for the three ingredients.


lard, water, lye

If you've never used an old fashioned lard soap, users may notice a lard smell while using it. Don't let it deter you from using this wonderful bar of soap. The smell will not stay on you and your skin will be singing "Hallelujah".

Why tallow/lard?  Animal fat makes a very nice hard bar of soap. That means, a long lasting soap under normal use. While some think lard will clog pores and make the soap “heavy”, that is untrue. Lard has a similar ph level to the human skin which makes it perfect for use even on sensitive skin. It is mild and conditioning and creates a stable lather while giving a little moisturizing to the skin.

You can find a scented version Into the Woods.