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About Our Soap

You may wonder what makes Tullis Farms soaps different from all the others. Well, our soaps are made the old-fashioned way and in small batches. Each one is hand cut, that means there may be a slight shape difference in each bar. We make our soaps as close to all natural as possible.

It is no lie – you can’t have soap without lye.

Yes, our grandmothers didn’t use lye when making soap. They created their own chemical using wood ash. When they combined water and hardwood ashes, they created a “caustic” chemical. This chemical was mixed with animal fat and cooked over an open fire for several hours until the soap thickened.

Thankfully, today we don’t have to make our own caustic chemical or stand over an open fire.

The old-fashioned way of making soap means we mix an exact amount of lye water with the oils we use. This mixture heats up naturally by itself and then we pour it into loaf molds for processing. Once the soap has set up (usually 18-24 hours), we unmold it and slice each bar. The bars are cured anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks and sometimes longer, depending on the type of soap.

While we make soap with lye (sodium hydroxide), there is no lye left in the bars after the curing process.

The wonderful thing about our handmade soaps, we super-fat our oils around 5%. That means there are 5% extra oils that are not turned into soap, but left over for moisturizing. This leaves your skin clean without drying.

Our scented soaps are scented with essential oils. On occasion, we do use phthalates free fragrance oils.

For colorants, we use infused oils while many of the essential oils will naturally color the soap.

Many of our soaps contain tallow/lard.

Why tallow/lard?  Animal fat makes a very nice hard bar of soap. That means, a long lasting soap under normal use. While some think lard will clog pores and make the soap “heavy”, that is untrue. Lard has a similar ph level to the human skin which makes it perfect for use even on sensitive skin. It is mild and conditioning and creates a stable lather while giving a little moisturizing to the skin.

Our family has been using the Piggy Pudding and Into the Woods soaps for a while now. Our skin is in better condition than ever before. Those stubborn dry patches have gone away without any extra products being used.