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Dandelion Salve

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The humble little dandelion is looked upon as a weed. But this little flower has a lot to offer you. While dandelions are a wonder for your inside, it’s the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants for your skin and joints that makes this salve special.

Dandelion is known to relieve the pain of arthritis and sore muscles. It protects skin cells and slow the signs of aging.

We use our Dandelion Salve for chapped lips, dry elbows, knees, and feet. We even use it as part of our daily facial care.

We’ve even use it on our dog’s paws to help sooth his pads. We’ve even found it soothes his itchy skin.

Our dandelions come out of our yard where there are no pesticides sprayed.

Comes in a cosmetic grade 2 ounce tin. No aluminum.

We are not making any medical claims for our salves. We are stating what we have experienced first hand while using our Dandelion Salve. As with any product, apply on a test spot.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Dandelions, Beeswax